Construction Update – April 2022

Welcome to your April construction update for Kingston Coast.

Kingston Coast Stage 4 Titles have been issued as of March 11th and soil testing has been allowed to take place since. Our Open Space Reserve, received a slight delay on commencement of works due to Covid isolation requirements. Commencement is now expected in May, however we still anticipate completion in Quarter 3 2022.

Works on our Southern Wetlands, located on Banks Road has commenced. Planting and instant turf installation has been bought forward. This is to allow enough time for the new plants and grass to establish prior to the winter months. Our current time frames see completion set for July 2022.

Our Active Open Space and Regional Sports Field remains with COGG at this stage, we are still awaiting advices for our project. Further updates and timeframes will be provided when we receive comment from COGG.

For Stage 5, Engineering Plans were lodged for approval, August 2021. We are actively seeking responses from COGG. Pending approval, we expect construction to commence May. Titles will now follow in early 2023 based on revised COGG timeframes. Once construction has commenced, we will prove further updates on completion timeframes to assist you with planning your build.

This completes your April construction wrap up, key points are below for your convenience.

Key Points

Kingston Coast Stage 4

Titles issued 11/03/2022

Commencement of Landscape works for the Open Space reserve commencement is now expected in May 2022, with completion forecast for July 2022

Kingston Coast – Banks Rd Southern Wetlands

Works have commenced on site, with instant turf and wetland planting brought forward to ensure establishment prior to the colder weather sets in.

Landscaping completion is anticipated for July 2022

Kingston Coast Stage 5

Engineering plans were lodged for approval with COGG in August 2021, we currently await their approval and issue

Once COGG approvals have been issued, construction will commence. We anticipate commencement of construction to be May 2022 with titles to follow in early 2023 based on current COGG timeframes

Once construction has commenced we will have a further update on completion timeframes which will assist you with planning your build

Active Open Space

We are currently not able to provide any timeframes on the Kingston Active Open Space reserve & Regional sports field. Design has been placed on hold, pending advice from COGG.